Saturday, October 13, 2012

EMERALD IDOL Gets Four Kisses From Top 2 Bottom Reviews

"I really, really enjoyed this book. The relationship between Nick and Rusty and Nick and Anson are genuine and down to earth. Nick’s story gives an intimate and up close look into the gritty and flamboyant world of London and LA's music scene during the eighties and early nineties. I love how Nick goes from being an angry repressed man who hates his roots to a man of faith who is at peace with himself and his past."

-- Top 2 Bottom Reviews ****

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EMERALD IDOL “...paints Nick's life story with all its colorful detail...a fascinating coming of age story and an 'accounting' of the times, events, and people that shaped Nick into who he is today.

“What makes this story special is the description of all the events...the colorful characterizations of the people he encountered on his way, and the deep love he felt for Rusty.

This book explores "what it was like to be an up and coming musician in the 80s... [and] a young man struggling with his mixed race background on top of being gay...." and is a "very realistic description of what goes on in parts of the music industry..."


In addition to these professional reviews, READERS are talking.  Here's what a reader at Amazon wrote in a recent post:

"EMERALD IDOL is multilayered, nostalgic, erotic saga that makes for an incredibly entertaining read. Part Alan Hollinghurst, part Jacqueline Susann, Hank Fielder pens a brilliantly spirited striptease in which complex characters reveal themselves with great drama and flair. At this musical and absorbing tale's center is an enigmatic hero who discovers himself alongside the reader. Spurts of sex top this delicious literary treat."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Hank Fielder Christmas Story is Published


Available NOW

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When lonesome young law enforcement officer Buddy ends up missing Christmas to guard a Christmas Eve inmate at the sleepy Redhawk Mountain Village jail, he thinks it will be the worst Christmas ever. But Joe is no ordinary Christmas tree thief -- he's a misunderstood hunk on a mission. And he might just be the best Christmas gift Buddy ever received.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My big day arrived and surpassed all my expectations.  EMERALD IDOL is out and available, links below. Came home from a romantic four-day weekend getaway, and there, at my front door, was my box of author copies from Dreamspinner Press.

A red letter day, and a moment I'll always cherish: holding a paperback copy of my novel.  I'm thrilled with the production and the beautiful cover by artist Paul Richmond.

Thanks, everyone, for joining me on this journey.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hank Fielder's M/M Urban Romance "EMERALD IDOL" is Signed to Dreamspinner Press

NEWS: Publication day announced: August 13, 2012

$6.99 / 340 Pages 
Emerald Idol by Hank Fielder eBook
Release Date: August 13, 2012

 $17.99 / 340 Pages Emerald Idol by Hank Fielder Paperback
Release Date: August 13, 2012

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First 20 copies of EMERALD IDOL ordered at DREAMSPINNER PRESS Website to be autographed
by Hank Fielder

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Book Jacket Copy:

Once upon a time in the eighties, Nick Davanger’s soulful green eyes and successful record-producer partner turned him into the pop sensation known as the Emerald Idol. But Rusty has been dead for a year now, and though Nick is slowly putting his life back together, it isn’t easy—especially since someone is trying to derail his comeback by blackmailing him about his decadent past.

Enter LA detective Anson Bay, who’s been assigned to keep Nick safe. Anson is the total package, handsome as well as competent. He strives to keep business and pleasure separate, no matter how strong his feelings grow, but his attraction to Nick strains the limits of his professionalism.

To aid the search for a suspect, Nick finds himself reliving his time with Rusty, from London’s steamy all-male strip clubs to fame in the Hollywood Hills. Even if he can’t deny that Anson excites him, Nick’s not sure he can love again. Of course, if the villain who’s blackmailing him succeeds, Nick may never have the chance to find out.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hank Fielder's M/M Urban Romance "EMERALD IDOL" is Signed to Dreamspinner Press


NEWS: Publication day approaching, announcement to be made soon.

NEWS: First 20 copies of EMERALD IDOL sold at DREAMSPINNER PRESS Website to be autographed by Hank Fielder.  Details coming soon.

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Emerald Idol COVER unveiled:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hank Fielder's M/M Urban Romance "EMERALD IDOL" is Signed to Dreamspinner Press

Just got the incredible good news on New Year's Day!  My novel EMERALD IDOL will be published as an e-book, trade paperback and audio-book in July/August of 2012.

I'm very proud Dreamspinner Press accepted it, and I can't wait to work with them as they edit it, give it a cover, do all those things publishers do, and send it on out to the great big world.

Check out Dreamspinner's Website and store here:

And find them on Facebook here:

Stay tuned for regular updates.  My work has been compared favorably by early readers to the wonderful, sexy and spirited works of the late great E. Lynn Harris, one of my major influences.  But it's a hybrid all its own, with contemporary urban elements of crime/suspense, sizzling hot M/M sex, and heart-pounding romance between my main character Nick and his many lovers -- and the one true love who steals his heart.

Lots more about that, and about this whole wonderful "published author" thing, as we get closer to the publication date.  Something I've dreamt about, let me tell you!  Thanks for coming along with me on this journey.  I'll try my best to make it fun!

Okay all you readers, writers and romancers out there: what's on your radar for 2012?