Sunday, October 2, 2016

MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY - Buy Hank's new ebook NOW

MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY is available for sale on October 26, 2016

Check it out HERE with one click

This link will connect you to Dreamspinner Press where you can pre-order Hank's new novella for $3.99

After October 26th this link can also be used for an immediate purchase!  Or just take a look anytime and read a free sample, add to your wish list, or share with friends.

Massage therapist Joe Wells is in a little over his head with his first job at the posh Magic Touch Sports Spa. He’s also secretly falling for his friendly, sexy coworker, the top-notch masseur Andre Swift.  All the clients clamor for Andre, and so far none have taken to Joe. 

On the verge of being fired, Joe saves the life of a mysterious kitten belonging to a white witch, who grants him a wish: a magic touch that could save his job and maybe even win him Andre’s love and respect. As Joe’s stock at the spa rises to crazy and barely manageable levels of success, demand for Andre’s services drops off. Will Joe lose Andre to an out-of-control spell?  Or worse—Andre’s love might prove to be only a result of the magic, just like Joe’s sudden talent.    

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