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Today Dreamspinner Press publishes my new MM urban fantasy novella e-book called MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY.  All the details, a free preview, and purchase options can be found below, and by CLICKING HERE
This is my third MM romance book from Dreamspinner and I thought I’d share just a few words about how much fun it’s been working on these projects and seeing them come to light.

For all kinds of reasons, there’s nothing like having a book come out in the fall.  For one thing, fall just feels to me (and you?) like an especially literary time of year.  Where I grew up, in Wisconsin, autumn always signaled a great time to find a cozy warm spot and curl up with a good book. 

The leaves of russet-red, fiery orange and golden-yellow are falling, there’s some frost on the pumpkin patch, and the nights come on early.  If you’re like me, the stage is set for immersion into some great stories.

Of course there’s also plenty of time in a day (or night) for chores and socializing, and even schoolwork!  But quiet time alone with a book -- and I’m including e-books, of course! -- is its own comfort and reward.

Make Someone Happy” is an urban fantasy.  One could also call it a contemporary fairy tale.  It involves a magic spell.  It has a couple of urban “princes” (every-day guys, but gems in their own ways).  And it has, at its heart, a romantic story of true love.

Having “Make Someone Happy” out for readers as autumn colors our imaginations and the holidays loom just puts a big smile on my face and warms my heart.

Of course I hope readers will fall in love with this story.  But what author doesn’t send his or her stories out into the world with high hopes of enchanting a reader?

I think “Make Someone Happy” is the most traditional kind of story I’ve written, even though it involves fantasy and magic.

My other works published by Dreamspinner might have taken some unusual twists that surprised readers (in a good way, I hope).  With MSH I wanted to create some surprises and twists that flowed with fewer ambiguities.  It’s just a more straightforward and direct narrative, and a bit lighter and maybe funnier (humor alert). 

When We Picked Apples Last Autumn” (Hmm, its fall again, folks), was for some one of those “love it or hate it” stories, judging by the reviews and comments.  It’s a straight-action thriller, no fantasy involved, just some wild plotting. 

It has a pretty big twist, one that some objected to, and which others got a kick out of.  Without spoiling anything (I’d never do that) there is a subtle up-shift in genre about midway through the story.  I do agree that a story should prepare us for its inevitable conclusion from the very start.  Did I do that successfully in this story?

Some readers felt I didn’t provide enough foreshadowing in “Apples” to seemingly take the tale in what might to some seem a sudden, new direction.  Others thought it worked just fine; we were building up to this development all along.  Maybe they’re both right.  But a careful reader will find the mention of the surprise enemy of the story in “Apples” in the first few paragraphs of the tale.  This enemy brings the story together for its big climatic scene.

Granted, this element is sort of “buried” (in misdirection or sleight of hand?), but it’s there.  I’ll admit it might not have been highlighted enough.  Feel free to be the judge.  I’d love to know what you think.

In “Make Someone Happy” I wanted the surprises to be crystal clear.  The twists come about logically (I hope).  And the suspense pays off in the end if I did my job...

Of course I also wanted a steamy, smoldering sexuality to pervade the romantic action.  That’s a goal in all of my stories.

So another great thing about having a new book come out is finding out just what people think of it.  Though, as they say, be careful what you wish for! (That’s one of the running themes in this new tale.)

My longest (by far) and maybe most challenging book to come out from Dreamspinner is “Emerald Idol.” No magical fantasy here.  Instead I told a contemporary urban tale about the “lives” and loves of a “one hit wonder” pop star of the 80s. 

I told Nick’s story in a challenging non-chronological format.  We go back and forth in time a lot as a “present-day” suspense story plays out romantically between Nick and Anson, the hunky detective who is trying to protect Nick from a powerful enemy from his past.

I was thrilled with the good reviews and kind comments this novel has inspired.  The book continues to find new readers.  (Not everyone loved it, of course.  That would be odd if they did.)  But mainly, I’m thrilled it’s out there for readers to discover. It’s over 300 pages in trade paper; a good long foray in any format.


And now, here we are at another publication day. (Hooray, balloons, confetti, fanfare!) I’m once again thrilled to send a story out into the world, hoping of course that you’ll enjoy spending a little bit of your valuable reading time with my characters and a world I’ve created -- for you.  Who else?


And while I’m on the subject of shorter works, my perennial yuletide tale, “Christmas in Joint” -- an e-book short story -- is still only .99 cents at Amazon. 

Sure, there’s plenty of reading time left in fall 2016 to dig into the cozy autumnal tales that warm us at night.  But those jingle bells you hear faintly are just around the corner...I know a couple of characters (a young sheriff’s deputy named Buddy and an unlikely hero incarcerated on Christmas Eve) who would love your company. 

Thanks and Happy reading, to one and all!



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